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Funkle Fester first started as a nameless 3-member jam band in 2012. The original band members were John Alison on guitar, Mike McCutchan on bass, and Keith (AKA) "Crazy Capizzi" on drums.  They got together every other Thursday night at John's house in Satellite Beach to hangout, talk about surfing, and to jam.  There, they instantly bonded as fresh funky new rhythms manifested into infectious grooves and tunes.  They soon added new members Patrick Riordan on sax, Mark Sunderland on trumpet, Bill Hanney on keys, and Reid Siljestrom on percussion whose musical talents and influences made a huge sonic impact as well as helping to mature the jams into songs.  Today, the band continues to grow collectively with the creation of new music to showcase at least one new song at every show.   Funkle Fester's fan base and supporters are growing at the same rate as well as they hear about the band's unique sound, danceable grooves, and happy party-like atmosphere that they manage to create at each of their shows.

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Funkle Fester has a knack for getting the crowd hooked right from the beginning. We have a deep funk base with some Jazz and Latin infusion that creates one of the most unique sounding bands around. If you have seen us live then you know what I'm talking about!  Click on this link to see a short clip of a live performance...

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